What Is The Significance Of Each Provision?

  • By requiring contractors to provide evidence that they are in compliance with the laws of doing business in Illinois. it is assuring the contracting agency that a company is legitimate and credible, by for example being current with the Secretary of State, or the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation if necessary, and not classified as 'debarred' by the Department of Labor. to mention a few.

  • By requiring the contractor to produce their Federal Employer Tax Number or Social Security Number, (if they are an individual) it provides an assurance to the contracting agency that they are working with legitimate contractors.

  • The "Equal Opportunity Employer provisions" provide for nondiscrimination in employment by government contractors and sub-contractors. This simply restates the existing Federal regulations.

  • Requiring specific certificates of insurance coverage is a way for the contracting agency to protect itself from the irresponsible actions of a dishonorable contractor. The State of Illinois requires; general liability, professional liability, product liability. worker's compensation, completed operations, hazardous occupation, and automobile. Other communities have required commercial umbrella policies and even gone so far as to specify dollar amounts in their Ordinances.

  • By reinforcing that contractors abide by the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act, a contracting agency is not only requiring that the prevailing wage is paid but that employees covered under the act are also provided with medical and hospitalization insurance as well as retirement benefits as mandated by State law.

  • Participation in a United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training approved program creates an environment that supports and endorses education. With education such a major part of public policy today, no employer should be subsidized by public funds without some training contribution. If apprentices are on the job but not part of a USDOL-BAT registered program it is most likely a ruse to pay lower wages without offering genuine training.

  • Other additional requirements could include; weekly certified payrolls, non-compliance penalties such as fines and debarment, policies on harassment, or mandating residency requirements.

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